Friday, November 1, 2013

More Inventory From Scout

Classic Vintage milk bottles.

Vintage explosives box, prefect for a pop of color at your sweets table.

Vintage suitcases for photo props or to add height to a vintage styled vignette.

Folded sculptural books. Makes a huge statement as a photo backdrop of as centerpieces.

Vintage flocked deer for a woodland themed party.

"All We Need Is Love Love Love" banner.
Three Tiered Capri shell chandelier

Perfect worn and traveled suitcase.
Look for all these items and more up soon on the Scout website.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


What a beautiful fall day to be stuck inside sick. At least I have the energy to search out some fall inspirations while the babe takes her nap. I have found that these inspirations have no real rhyme or reason but when I uploaded them all they all seemed to work together and would all look at home in a late fall party. I love the idea of building a open air room full of farm windows that would create perfect vignettes for photos and décor.  
The centerpiece in this next image are so unique and simple. Scout has similar  books and a huge deer collection available to rent.

I still can't get enough of chalkboard everything and this dessert table backdrop is no exception. "Love makes the world go round and so does cake."

This book backdrop is adorable and Scout has it for you! It will soon be pictured in our inventory. Folded and sculptural and such a big statement piece.

I love bell jars and candles but adding crocheted texture to it makes it more warm and cozy and perfect for fall. In fact, check these jars out at Hello the House in downtown Hudson, vendor #22.

And then there is this. Maybe it takes a certain type of person to appreciate a branch full of vintage birds. Just imagine this at a centerpiece, or a huge almost installation.

Make sure to contact Scout with any questions or if you loved any of the inspiration phtotos. We can make your event come alive and true to who you are.

Friday, October 4, 2013

It is Offical!

Holy Cow, Scout has a website... if that weren't real enough I have to pat myself on the back for actually building it myself! I thought about hiring someone to crank it out for me but I am glad that I took the time to do it. Because after it was all said and done I had the say and the vision to finish it and keep it consistent with the aesthetic of Scout and true to myself. I even bought my own domain name! go see and let me know what you think! Especially if you find mistakes! Spelling is not my thing.

So here is to new beginnings and scary ones too. Here is to moments of realization and moments of bravery. I don't know how this will work and how it will enrich my life. But I feel that having this creative outlet is something I need to be happy and to function in my world. I am an artist, always have been and I suppose always will be. I have found my niche and I am not lost any more. My hope is that with Scout I am able to share my visions and talents and treasures with others that value beauty and originality. Here is to vintage, beauty, and happiness!

Ladders in your Barn Wedding

A ladder, some bell jars, wild flowers for a pop of color and you have a rustic and affordable centerpiece/chandelier! Imagine this above image with some LED tea lights or twinkle lights. String it with ribbon for a backdrop? I can't stop writing ideas down for this simple prop that can create a show stopper of a statement. Hey why not?! The possibilities are endless. These images show the many ways you can use a ladder in a photo shoot or for your event décor. Let Scout help you find the perfect industrial or farm fresh ladder for your next creative vision.

I love the idea of using them as a creative way to display photos and keepsakes or even for favors or place settings.

Scout will be taking a page from this decorating trend and using ladders in a upcoming photo shoot for props. Get inspired with everyday items and easy décor solutions.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Scout At The Purple Tree

Be sure to stop by The Purple Tree in downtown Hudson to see Scout props mixed with fabulous fair trade products. 

We are thrilled that Sarah let us be a part of her amazing store! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Looking Glass

A pile if old mirrors?! I think not! These could be the custom pieces you were looking for. Yeah that's right. Those little certain something's that were missing from your bar top, announcing your signature drinks with custom lettering. These were just the pieces you needed to complete your sweets table, remember?! Scout has done the leg work and has them all ready to go for a small rental price! Contact Scout today for a quote. Email us at

Sunday, August 25, 2013

"I do", Round Two

Saying "I do." for the second time can bring with it a lot of mixed emotions. Here at Scout we get you, and we mean that literally. Let your second wedding be that of utter pesonality, this time around you know what you are doing and you know what the most important part of a wedding should be! This time, take the reins and take charge. Don't be shy about celebrating. It's OK to register a second time, it's OK to have a shower. This is still a big moment in your life, and there is nothing wrong with honoring it and enjoying the moment. One of the best things you can do for your second wedding is to buck tradition and do things differently. Wear a dress in your favorite color, skip the white. Skip the lace and long train, and include a distinctive fashion element such as an incredible piece of heirloom jewelry. Replace the more traditional protocol such as garter and bouquet toss with a special presentation of the bouquet to an honored guest. And don't forget the decor that Scout Supply Co. can provide for you. Your party, intimate dinner or all out dance fest you as a couple create can be made possible and unique with Scout. Contact us today!

Friday, August 23, 2013


Grandma Rose would say what to do, what to do? I am sure many of you are wondering how all of these bits and pieces could work at your next event. You have a bunch of glass domes to rent out, what do you do with them? Well... How about some timeless family photos? Pictures of those couples in your family that have been together through thick and thin. Your inspirations, or pictures of family members that are no longer with you. Did you meet your mate on a trip? Do you have ticket stubs and relics that tell your story? The possibilities are endless. From succulents to colorful dioramas, Scout can help you with your vision no matter how complex or simple. No matter how epic of a love story or cheesy, here at Scout we listen to what you want. Let Scout help you translate your story to a visual representation of you. We know what to do. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Introducing the Owner of Scout Supply Co.

My name is Megan Gaworecki and I am the owner, curator, finder & gatherer obsessed with all things vintage, weathered and aged. I have always been a collector and a creator. One of my first collections consisted of vintage compacts I would collect from going to flea markets with my parents. Now my hoard consists of neon letters and cinema signs to vintage cameras and globes. As a child I would create friendship bracelets and jewelry and sell them instead of the typical lemonade stand. I have always used my hands and love to create even if it was just for me. Now I am an art teacher and get to do and make and inspire every day for a living. I never thought of sharing my collections with others but in joining the world of Pinterest and seeing the style of weddings and vignettes that were popular it peeked my interest. I remember what a hard time I had with planning and decorating my barn wedding in 2003 and after researching other vintage rental companies I decided to start here in Hudson. It is a bit intimidating starting a new business when you already have a full time job, not to mention a family but here I am trying and hopefully succeeding.  I am actively using my hands day in and day out. I always thought it was a curse that I enjoyed such a variety of media: painting, drawing, textiles, wood working, etc. I so envied other artists who had one focused area of interest. I know that running Scout will bring all of these elements together for me.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Inventory and Pricing

Vintage picnic basket
Rental Price; $6.00

Wire bird cage
Rental Price; $8.00

Projector Screen x2
Rental Price; $8.00

Collection of tan hues suitcases x3
Rental Price; $5.00

Just a few examples of what Scout has to offer. Contact Scout Supply today and start the conversation. We are ready to lead the way.

Bohemian Bonfire

Bohemian reception area can all be outfitted from Scout. Think mix n' match vintage afgans a huge firepit and lots of sitting for friends and family. This kind of set up will do for a harvest party for this fall as well. Comment below or contact Scout Supply Co. today!

Locust Street Market Design Job

We can't do much about the fluorescent lighting but we can make the walls a bit more interesting. At Scout we spent many hours folding old readers digest books into sculptural wall hangings. Time life warner's, "The Greatest Generation" books add pops of color and pattern. Yesterday I watched people walk up and down the stairs and stop to look and touch and give their compliments. Remember that not only do we have design services here at Scout but we have the ability to rent out props and décor. From weddings, parties, and even your front window for your business Scout is here and ready.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Scout's First Design Job

We are so excited here at Scout to have our first design job at Locust Street Market in downtown Hudson, WI. Think sculptural vintage folded books with pops of 60's patterns flowing down the staircase.  Chino Latino inspired sequins filling a whole side wall and a huge chalkboard statement piece. The beginning stages are happening so more pics to follow. I think my Anthropologie days on the design team are coming full circle. Thank god I don't have to size sweaters anymore. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Storybook kind of Love

Aren't these fall hues dreamy? I am sure that the stories are lovely inside but the colors are what get me. From the blues in the sky to the almost red clay color on the bottom, any of these colors would compliment your fall event plans and décor needs.
How can a bunch of old book tie into your big day? The way we see it here at Scout Supply Co. your story begins together and in the process of saying "yes" you are continuing your story. Your love story. As centerpieces old books can translate your feelings to the décor for all your guest to enjoy.

I loved the idea of not only using the books as centerpieces but also using tape in a graphic way to accent your tables and arranged seating with the numbers right on the books.

Contact Scout today at and let us be part of your story.

Farm Cocktail Night

From the Scout inventory we pulled some unique pieces for this late summer farm cocktail night. 

A rustic wooden ironing board as a bar table top sets the scene. A one day rental for this piece is $10.00. Not a bad investment for such a big statement. 

As the summer comes to an end and the days become shorter and cooler remember that Scout as all your Autumn harvest party needs. Retro plaid blankets, vintage board games and a great yellow plaid steamer trunk can all be brought together for your upcoming party or family photo session. 

Perfect vintage touches and accessories add to the feeling of fall. These galvanized cake stands can be filled with cupcakes for your "sweets" table and rent for $3.00 a piece. 

Watermelon mojitos were on the menu for our night. Slate pieces set the bar top. 

Plus one handsome bartender and your chic farm cocktail night is complete.