Friday, August 23, 2013


Grandma Rose would say what to do, what to do? I am sure many of you are wondering how all of these bits and pieces could work at your next event. You have a bunch of glass domes to rent out, what do you do with them? Well... How about some timeless family photos? Pictures of those couples in your family that have been together through thick and thin. Your inspirations, or pictures of family members that are no longer with you. Did you meet your mate on a trip? Do you have ticket stubs and relics that tell your story? The possibilities are endless. From succulents to colorful dioramas, Scout can help you with your vision no matter how complex or simple. No matter how epic of a love story or cheesy, here at Scout we listen to what you want. Let Scout help you translate your story to a visual representation of you. We know what to do. 

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