Thursday, August 22, 2013

Introducing the Owner of Scout Supply Co.

My name is Megan Gaworecki and I am the owner, curator, finder & gatherer obsessed with all things vintage, weathered and aged. I have always been a collector and a creator. One of my first collections consisted of vintage compacts I would collect from going to flea markets with my parents. Now my hoard consists of neon letters and cinema signs to vintage cameras and globes. As a child I would create friendship bracelets and jewelry and sell them instead of the typical lemonade stand. I have always used my hands and love to create even if it was just for me. Now I am an art teacher and get to do and make and inspire every day for a living. I never thought of sharing my collections with others but in joining the world of Pinterest and seeing the style of weddings and vignettes that were popular it peeked my interest. I remember what a hard time I had with planning and decorating my barn wedding in 2003 and after researching other vintage rental companies I decided to start here in Hudson. It is a bit intimidating starting a new business when you already have a full time job, not to mention a family but here I am trying and hopefully succeeding.  I am actively using my hands day in and day out. I always thought it was a curse that I enjoyed such a variety of media: painting, drawing, textiles, wood working, etc. I so envied other artists who had one focused area of interest. I know that running Scout will bring all of these elements together for me.

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