Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Scout Brand


It was a July day back in 2003, a red barn, the rolling bluffs and hills of Root River country and there was a wedding. A DIY country wedding. Fit with a white peaked tent, prairie flowers in bell jars, white paper lanterns, and twinkle lights in every tree. It was my wedding and my vision had come together. There were many little details that I stressed and pained over, too many to mention, I did it all on my own. I found the resources and rentals and plates myself and it was tough! There were certainly no where near as many resources as there are today. I enjoyed and reveled over that experience and even though I am late to the party, that being the hipster DIY party, I still have that same vision and drive. In some ways I was early because no one had ever been to a wedding quite like it. My goal here at Scout is to bring that DIY sprit to your next event and photo shoot. Helping you to stand out in the sea of trendy weddings and looks. Thinking beyond "popular at the moment" Scout can translate your vision into a classic and timeless event in your life. Here at Scout we will go above and beyond to make sure your moments visually fit your style. Let us start a conversation today and let Scout be part of your story.

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